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Below are a few ongoing workshops, classes, and offerings.

Many workshops are scheduled based on inquiry or collaboration. If you would like to host a workshop with Manex at your business or location, please contact us to discuss your desires and visions.

Contact Manex about Planning a Workshop



Bio-Energetics is the study of life energy, life flow, neutrino information conditioning and imprinting life’s genetic mechanics.   The seminar discusses how our genetics and the neutrino field work together through personalized expression and experience, as well as bigger cosmic cycles.  Our bodies are an expression of our consciousnesses.  Matter is an expression of consciousness. The flow of life energy otherwise known as yin-yang, cosmic-earth, male-female, dark and light.  Energy is the flux between those extremes and the dance of life or nature, looking for balance while continuously changing.  The human body has an electro-magnetic charge that reacts by taking in and giving out energy.  This translates as frequency.  Our unique frequency is our unique consciousness that makes us who we are.  Knowing our bio-energetics helps us heal our bodies, and access our higher consciousness forms, so that we can operate with more love and transcendental consciousness.


Upcoming Dates:

As requested, with demand. Online workshop series upcoming.



Based on medical and scientific research conducted over the last 35 years, this simple yet highly effective system of guided visualizations is an incredible toolkit for self-evaluation and personal energetic hygiene and is a must for therapists to keep energetic integrity and cleanliness.

The ability to evolve through this work is limitless – your imagination sets the stage and assists you in creating your play space for growth and learning.  Your imagination will open the gateway and allow you to co-create images, impressions, feelings, and sensations that are helpful in learning the system and evolving your life.  As you imagine, you create.

These meditations will unlock your higher being and reconnect you with your true energy and the energy of the universe.


Activate your clairvoyant gifts.


Clairessence meditations are available for purchase and download.



Clair-Presence is a workshop on clarity, psychic abilities, remote viewing or the ability to see the energetic field of life.  Science has confirmed psychic behavior as a natural aspect of being human. Somehow our inability is lacking education, confidence, and refinement of our intuitive system.  The Clair-Presence Series is a personal workshop explores the energy field, the aura, the chakras, energetic chords, karma, trauma, programs, contracts, channeling spirits and guides, akashic records, oversoul, sacred heart and more.  This series of visual meditations that dive into awakening the pineal gland’s innate connection to the pituitary gland and hypothalamus to provide higher vision, clarity, and the capacity to discipline the mind and gain wisdom.



Upcoming Dates:

As requested. Contact for more information.