Clair-Présence - Manex Ibar
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About This Project

Clair-Presence is a workshop on clarity, psychic abilities, remote viewing or the ability to see the energetic field of life.  Science has confirmed psychic behavior as a natural aspect of being human. Somehow our inability is lacking education, confidence, and refinement of our intuitive system.  The Clair-Presence Series is a personal workshop explores the energy field, the aura, the chakras, energetic chords, karma, trauma, programs, contracts, channeling spirits and guides, akashic records, oversoul, sacred heart and more.  This series of visual meditations that dive into awakening the pineal gland’s innate connection to the pituitary gland and hypothalamus to provide higher vision, clarity, and the capacity to discipline the mind and gain wisdom.


500 per weekend 925 for both weekends


TBD - April 2017 either in London or Biarritz, France 2 weekend course.


Video Series Coming Soon. pre-order course

Consciousness, Executive Training