Shamanic Plant Medicine - Manex Ibar
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Shamanic Plant Medicine

About This Project

Shamanic Plants and multi-compound botanical medicine is powerful and ever more popular today, as it provides our connection to nature’s consciousness, to the universal matrix that can provide incredible experiences of healing, wisdom, enrichment, and profound perceptions of beauty, magic, and grace of life.  Master plants have been used through ceremony, ritual and honor for thousands of years, and presently is being recognized as incredible tools for the masses to open up our connection, our deeper meaning, our personal keys to our own enigmas, and our connection to source, to life, to death and to the universal.

Due to the legality of different shamanic botanical medicines, ceremonies are held privately and in locations where it is allowed by law.

A unique aproach that I offer is the Transformative Sound Sessions while going through the plant ceremony.  During the TSS experience, different frequencies are played that bring deep healing and harmony with our chakras and our organs.  Our consciuosness shifts differently with the harmonics of the pure sounds. While on the journey of plant medicine, this can have enhanced openings of awakenings, conscious shifts, and healing.


Private ceremonies range from 6000 - 25,000 depending on setting and sound experience

Botanical Medicine