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Consciousness + Individual Health Optimization + Spirit + Shamanism + Sound

Philosophy & Mission

I see myself as a Spiritual Scientist guiding people through different layers of consciousness, alleviating suffering, optimizing potential, and outperforming belief systems so that each individual, family, or business moves towards their higher aspect of self.  From over 25 years of investigation in many of the world’s greatest traditions and having a practical practice through varied experiences around the world, and from principles of quantum physics, I feel and live by the fact that Spirit Consciousness comes before matter.  Matter is a reflection and directly influenced by Spirit Consciousness. I see the world as a place full of incredible potential, magic, beauty, joy and love.  It is our individual birth-right to live in harmony with these aspects, through our health, impeccable relations, and persona thriving our individual life purpose can be attained.  As a human race, we are learning to adapt to the rapid changes of the universe currently ongoing on all aspects (technology, consciousness, singularity)…we are here to be passengers of the stream of consciousness and observe life consciously, abundantly, and joyfully.  My mission is to help bring clarity, healing, empowerement, and consciousness as my services towards optimized living.


Manex Ibar is a visionary guardian of Nature’s hidden secret wisdoms & mysteries, guiding people towards their true nature and connection to source awareness.  Manex Ibar is a multi-talented spiritual scientist and entrepreneur of consciousness and sustainable life systems, guiding individuals and businesses towards optimization through a formulation of different modalities including Human Design, Energetics, Remote Viewing, Shamanism, Kabbala, and genetics. Born with extra-ordinary senses like clairvoyance and heightened intuition, he has delved deeply into science, media, sound, nature, and spirituality, allowing him to travel the world and encounter many different consciousness and cultures.  Following his father, a reputed physicist,  Manex went to Carnegie Mellon University to study physics with a computer science minor, and earned a degree from NYU as a sound engineer with a physics & math minor, combining his love of music with science.  Working in the digital audio field during the internet boom, Manex was sought after for his vision, leadership, and technical understanding, working to digitize big brands such as the NFL, MLB, Muppet Babies, Universal Pictures properties, Sony Pictures properties, Star Wars and Ty Beanie Babies,  to finally become the youngest Sony executive as VP of New Media & Technologies by the age of 23.  He later founded a non-profit Vth Season to create a living cultural medial library, and his own company Vurse Media to produce trans-media campaigns and manage artists using new technologies and social media platforms.  His organizations worked with UNESCO and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) developing art expos globally with Ansel Adams Foundation and National Geographic, celebrating  sustainability, and working with Al Gore on his global warming campaign.


In 2006 a complete shift  in career happened involuntarily, where his spiritual path caught up to transform his life. Manex quickly became a sought after mystic, energy healer, and spiritual guide. Nature’s initiation at the age of 14 transformed manex’s spiritual beliefs which resulted in being initiated into shamanism and Taoist philosophy and Tibetan Bon, alongside his media career.


For the last 15 years, Manex as been offering services in personal and business coaching, relationship guidance, personal healing & optimization, and spiritual consciousness wisdom throughout the world. He has worked with some of the greatest musical and fine artists, scientists, politicians, business elite, lawyers, doctors, farmers, explorers, seekers, and families from all cultural backgrounds, as well as in the corporate sector with Sony, Universal, Saatchi& Saatchi, UNEP, UNESCO, and several Funds, and private firms providing impeccable guidance on multiple levels.


With his clarity of situations and simple explanations of complicated matters, while releasing the energetic tensions needed for more harmony and flow, and reading genetic mechanics, Manex provides deep understanding and wisdom for many situations and subjects, helping people’s lives transform for the better.  His goals are to change people’s perception and guide them through higher levels of consciousness to understand life patterns which are reflected in business, relationships, and our own bodies.  He impacts whole systematic changes to liberate the hidden potential and actualize optimized performance of genetic, energetic, consciousness, spiritual and material alignment.  This offers many advantages personally as well as on a family, team, tribe, or entire businesses and communities.


Manex is a visionary entrepreneur with many projects and ideas,  all bringing more consciousness, awareness, healing and spiritual wisdom to the masses.  Author of Living Shamanism Oracle App & Tarot Cards,  The Much Needed Sex Book for Men (in the works), and Health Systems For Vitality in The Future (also in the works).  He is a lecturer at the College of Psychic Studies in London,  Butterfly LA, Alchemy’s  Kitchen  NYC, amongst other cities, as well as a workshop leader with his famous “Pyrenean Vision Quest” a Modern Shamanic Experience.  He is an active spiritual speaker, reputed ceremonial leader, and powerful business guide.  He is the founder of Conscious Medicine Labs (www.conscious-medicine-labs.com), Living Shamanism SL (www.livingshamanism.org), and Bio-Energetica institute (www.bio-energetica.org). He is the father of twin daughters.  He lives in the Basque Pyrenees in Europe, and travels to New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Stockholm, Berlin, Paris, San Sebastian, Ibiza, Madrid, Tulum, and Oaxaca.


 Nature is a perfect reflection of pure source awareness, where we can bathe
in that pure conscious awareness to gain creativity, wisdom, and tranquility


Personal Sessions

Integrating several methods, tools, and modalities, Manex has a unique process to guide individuals back towards their true empowerment, energetic alignment, and conscious awareness of their genetic matrix.  With 3 sessions over 9months, Manex provides you with an intense shift of being, with deep and useful information about your function (psychological, genetic, spiritual), and brings clarity on many situations that concern our lives.  Sessions provide clarity, relief, healing and optimization of your physical health, intellectual consciousness, and heart opening joy.  Private sessions are booked either via Skype or in person during his travels.

Sessions costs: In-Person: $400, € 350, £ 325     Skype/tel:  $ 300, € 175, £245

 Love & Relationships

Love is a fundamental aspect of our lives. Love empowers our true nature and brings us into relationships with things, people, places, situations, and spiritual experiences.  Having a relationship session clarifies the genetic, emotional, heart, mind and sexual connection between couples, and provides keys towards understanding one another, our dynamics and accepting each other for who we really are.  Relationships are here to make us grow, and learning the lessons is key to having successful relationships.  Relationships sessions help bring more love, joy, and abundance.

COUPLE: $1200, € 1150, £ 1000

FAMILY COUNSELING: $2000, € 1825, £ 1650

Business Optimization

Our financial security, our vocation and expression of our essence, our pride and legacy, the thing we love to do, these are terms that describe best business practices.   What are we here for? What can my inmate gift provide to a company or community.  What are my personal strengths, weaknesses, and personal vision?  With business sessions, Manex provides a range of services from personal training and coaching, to executive team alignment and optimization, to whole system change aspects of organizing your company.  Using different tools such as Human Design, companies Manex has consulted are re-defining the new models of corporate structure, where the individual is pushed to learn more about themselves and the company adjusts to their genetic make-up.  As the individual thrives, so does the working relationships internally and externally, which in the end brings powerful success on many levels.  Please get in touch to experience the powerful aspects of learning how to optimize your company for the future.

“Freedom is to dissipate fear into love”  manex


Shooting Stars Now


Clients Served

432 Hz

Heart Music Frequency

Music & Art

Manex has been creating music and art since the age of 8 years old.  Deeply influenced by shamanism, spiritual experiences, as well as rock-n-roll and pop-art, minimalism, and nature, Manex creates soundscapes and expressive art.

“Creative expression is our true purpose as humans.  I sometimes think we humans are only here to sing and dance, and all the chaos our mind does, could be solved by dancing and singing.  It creates positive interactions within us and externally to all of Nature beings without any toxic residues.  We are creative beings after all.”  Manex

About Shamanism

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual path, one of the heart, that provides direct connection to source through the initiation of nature and spirit’s way.  The shaman lives in between worlds – the non-ordinary reality and ordinary reality.  The shaman can guide, advise, heal, see, and understand on many subjects concerning life.