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We all need guidance in our lives

Personal Sessions with Manex Ibar integrate several different modalities and advanced tools, bringing personal optimization to individuals and businesses to thrive in all aspects of our lives.  His unique approach provides healing, preventative health, optimization and personal guidance that have helped thousands of people worldwide gain consciousness of their inner function and outer connections.  Sessions last 1-2 hours and are available via Skype worldwide or in the cities he travels to.  What are your concerns and how far do you want to go if you took your full potential?

Personal Sessions

PERSONAL SESSIONS: Live more fully!
Integrating several methods, tools, and modalities, Manex has a unique process to guide individuals back towards their true empowerment, energetic alignment, and conscious awareness of their genetic matrix.  With 3 sessions over 9months, Manex provides you with an intense shift of being, with deep and useful information about your function (psychological, genetic, spiritual), and brings clarity on many situations that concern our lives.  Sessions provide clarity, relief, healing and optimization of your physical health, intellectual consciousness, and heart opening joy.  Private sessions are booked either via Skype or in person during his travels.

Sessions costs: In-Person: $400, € 375, £ 325     Skype/tel:  $ 300, € 275,  £245

Love & Relationships Sessions


Love is a fundamental aspect of our lives. Love empowers our true nature and brings us into relationships with things, people, places, situations, and spiritual experiences.  Having a relationship session clarifies the genetic, emotional, heart, mind and sexual connection between couples, and provides keys towards understanding one another, our dynamics and accepting each other for who we really are.  Relationships are here to make us grow, and learning the lessons is key to having successful relationships.  Relationships sessions help bring more love, joy, and abundance.

COUPLE: $1200, € 1150, £ 1000

FAMILY COUNSELING: $2000, € 1825,  £ 1650

Business Optimization Sessions

BUSINESS OPTIMIZATION: Work more Effectively!

Our financial security, our vocation and expression of our essence, our pride and legacy, the thing we love to do, these are terms that describe best business practices.   What are we here for? What can my inmate gift provide to a company or community.  What are my personal strengths, weaknesses, and personal vision?  With business sessions, Manex provides a range of services from personal training and coaching, to executive team alignment and optimization, to whole system change aspects of organizing your company.  Using different tools such as Human Design, companies Manex has consulted are re-defining the new models of corporate structure, where the individual is pushed to learn more about themselves and the company adjusts to their genetic make-up.  As the individual thrives, so does the working relationships internally and externally, which in the end brings powerful success on many levels.  Please get in touch to experience the powerful aspects of learning how to optimize your company for the future.

Private Plant Ceremonies


Shamanic plants have been used for thousands of years providing deep initiations into the inner worlds of our consciousness, exploring the  real potential of our capacities as humans as well as opening our awareness and connection to Nature.  Due to the exponential interest in shamanic plants, several centers and guides have appeared over the last 10 years and provide safe and sacred ways of experiencing these plant medicines.  Manex is a modern shamanic practitioner that uses several other tools to safely guide modern individuals through these profound initiations, while providing deep interpretations and cognitive knowledge to enhance the experience and make it extremely practical for our modern lives.  Rather then it being a “trip”, Manex guides individuals to truly reconnect with their inner and outer nature and bring the teachings of plant consciousness to the enhancement of individual’s lives.  Private ceremonies in nature are essential, in small intimate groups so that the work can go deep and each individual can have an enhanced experience.  Due to the nature of the legalities of these plants as well as the inconsistencies of the medicine, Manex ensures that each participant gets the best medicine as well as provides the experience in a place where the legalities of using such plants is also legal.

Group of less then 10: $7500, € 7000, £ 6000